Love in stitches, Valentine's themed stitch marker trio pack

$21.00 USD

Introducing the "Love in Stitches" Valentine's Themed Stitch Marker Trio – because every knit deserves a little extra purl of affection!

This whimsical set of three packs will have your needles tapping to the rhythm of love. Get ready to add a touch of romance to your knitting with these adorable kiss and hearts-themed stitch markers:

Your 3 pack set will include

1) "Kiss is on your knits":Dive into the world of knitting passion with our "Kiss is on your knits" markers. These markers feature 7 tiny lip-shaped charms on 10 mm rounds and 1 on a removable claw that will have you feeling the love in every stitch. Whether you're working on a cozy scarf or a heartfelt sweater, let these markers plant a sweet kiss on your knitting journey.

2) "My heart will go on and on..": Knit your heart out with the "My heart will go on and on" markers. Each marker in this pack is adorned with adorable heart charms in 10 mm round plus 1 removable, creating a symphony of love on your needles. Let these markers remind you that every stitch is a beat in the melody of your knitting masterpiece

3) "So many hearts y for yarn": Unwrap the joy of knitting with these 10 raw brass hearts plus one claw removable.  It's like a love letter to your craft – adding a dash of sweetness and a sprinkle of charm to every row.

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