Seasonal stitch marker packs SET OF ALL 4

$70.00 USD

Want to collect all of our custom enamel seasonal stitch marker packs?

Then this listing is for you!

Designed and assembled in house these 4 packs of 10 mm enamel stitch markers will bring you joy year round!

This is a set of 1 pack of each of the 4 seasonal packs. (4 packs total included) 

The SPRING pack includes:

2 x apple blossoms
2 x daffodils
2 x umbrellas
2 x robins

SUMMER includes: 

2 x peonies
2 x swallows
2 x bees
2 x sun

AUTUMN Includes:

2 x apples
2 x owls
2 x squirrels
2 x acorns

And WINTER Includes:

2 x mittens
2 x snow drops
2 x blue jays
2 x ice skates 

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